About The Rouged Traveler

Hello! I’m Maria. I love to travel, especially to small places where people are friendly. If they speak German it’s all the better! ‘The Rouged Traveler’ stems from my attempts (and many failures) to speak to locals when I’m in German speaking territory. Because I’m not always confident in my skills, I often blush! Luckily, I am usually met with warm smiles and greetings I understand.

My travels have taken me all over Europe. I had my first taste of therapeutic waters in Bormio, Italy and was totally hooked! Recently, I went abroad for the first time on my own. I spent three weeks mainly in Austria learning the language and relaxing in thermal baths. Aside from baths, I spent a week at Sonnhof Ayurvedic Resort in Hinterthiersee, Austria. It was a wonderful experience and made me realize that I am really passionate about health travel.

I started this blog to share my experiences for those who are considering a European health vacation and for those who just love travel. I have also shared many photos of my travels on Instagram @therougedtraveler