About The Rouged Traveler

Hello! I’m Maria. I love to travel, especially to small places where people are friendly. If they speak German it’s all the better! I make many attempts (and failures) to speak to locals when I’m in German speaking territory. I do tend to get red when I’m unable to keep up with the conversation!

My travels have taken me all over Europe. I had my first taste of therapeutic waters in Bormio, Italy and was totally hooked! I have visited the thermal baths in Austria, Germany and the US. I went abroad for the first time on my own last year. I spent three weeks mainly in Austria learning the language as well as being pampered in the thermal springs of both Austria and Southern Germany. I also spent a week at an excellent European resort offering traditional Indian treatments called Sonnhof Ayurvedic Resort in Hinterthiersee, Austria. It was this experience that opened my eyes to the many wonderful experiences one can experience when broadening their horizons beyond their home.

Food is a big motivator for my travel. My Instagram feed has been fed generously with a plethora of food and drink I have sampled along my travels. I was impressed beyond belief in Rome at the generous snacks heaped upon cocktail drinkers! In Austria I couldn’t get enough Goulash Suppe with the cherry on top, delicious German Brot and butter. The price was right, consistently 8 euros or under. How can you go wrong? My first experience eating octopus in France was not intentional, I misunderstood Poulpe et pommes de terre (octopus and potatoes) to be Poulet et pommes de terre (chicken and potatoes).  I wasn’t going to let a little mishap stop me from filling my belly. While I wouldn’t order it again, it was good to try something new.

If you like food, travel or health I think you may like my blog. I have shared many photos of my travels on Instagram @therougedtraveler Enjoy!

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