Feng Shui My Way

The home my husband and I provided as a furnished rental was meant to be our own. We designed it wholly to suit our own needs and wants. As with most people the most important areas were the kitchen and bathroom. However, that doesn't mean we ignored the other areas, they were factored in mainly… Continue reading Feng Shui My Way

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"Auxiliary verbs should only be used in imperfect tense, it's more elegant." Hans announces, matter of fact. No wonder I have struggled so much to learn German, I am not even fluent in basic grammar. I am not only translating German to English in my mind, but also trying to draw on almost forgotten basics.… Continue reading Kitzb├╝hel

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Bad Reichenhall

On an absolutely gorgeous day in October, perhaps one of the last nice weekends of the season, I had the good fortune to visit Bad Reichenhall in Bavaria. Although located in Germany, it is closest to Salzburg, Austria. Like many other mineral spring towns, it was built around salt production which began thousands of years… Continue reading Bad Reichenhall